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About Us

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Our Manifesto

Health and fitness for women is all inclusive. It is not just reserved for the ‘in shape’ or the ‘sporty’. I as a woman have the power and right to shape my health and fitness journey.

My health and my lifestyle are important. My mental, physical and emotional health all play a role in living an overall fulfilling does a well earned treat now and again.

Health is made up of the small, often unnoticed, daily habits I go through everyday. It is not a destination.

I deserve happiness. I deserve to be proud of my body and it’s ever changing form. I deserve tacos now and again.

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Now shipping all over the world Suzy Squats produce a collection of fitness culture inspired clothing, generally specialising in gym bag basics like tank tops, tshirts and sweaters. Our clothing is printed to order using the DTG (direct to garment) printing method to give you an unbeatable quality print that looks fantastic and holds up in the wash!

Please feel free to message us with any questions you may have, and when we take a break from printing shirts, we’ll get right back to you.